Advantages of Copper Electrical Wiring in Juno Beach, FL; Good Conductor & More

There are a few options when it comes to installing or upgrading the wiring system in your home.   Aluminum and silver wiring are among the common materials electricians and home builders use when they wire a home.  In recent years, however, more and more professionals are turning to the use of copper electrical wiring.  You should consider the copper wiring whether you are upgrading old electrical wiring in your existing home or if you are installing electrical wiring in a new home for the first time.  With this in mind, we at Simon Electric would like to share the benefits of using copper wiring. 

Copper is a Good Conductor of Electricity

The electrical wiring is designed to conduct the electricity and carries it where it needs to go.  Not all of the materials are as excellent at conducting electricity as copper.  Since copper conducts more electricity in comparison to other materials, it makes your overall electrical system perform better.  

Is Copper Wiring Flexible?

In order to get it to fit in and around different obstacles, the copper wire is more optimal with the bending, twisting, and is easier to manipulate in general while the electricians work with it during installation. Being more flexible, the copper wire can take on a new shape quicker and simpler than any other option. As it is being pulled, bent, and twisted the copper wiring does not get brittle or lose integrity. As it is being worked with, it will not break, crack, or become compromised.  Giving less worry to having the need the repairs or adjustments for the years ahead and once in place, it will stay there. 

Melting Point of Copper Wire

The electrical wiring’s melting point should be a concern for homeowners as well.   Burnouts, electrical, fires and other hazards are the result of once wires have reached their melting point.  Copper has the highest melting point among its competitors and it is very unlikely that it will ever melt and start a fire.   Because of this very reason, more and more electricians are recommending copper wiring for their clients.  

Copper Wiring Stays in Place 

As noted earlier, copper wiring stays where it is put, where other materials can loosen over time.  Where these other wiring materials are susceptible to popping out, it can then lead to serious risks and it will eventually need to be replaced, which can be rather costly when it needs to be done every so often.  With copper wiring, it will last. 

Copper is Compatible with Most Modern Electrical Appliances

In combination with copper electrical wiring in your home, the many appliances we use today are manufactured with copper wiring, which will only maximize the performance.   Copper is compatible with other types that may be used, although not all types might be easily mismatched.  In some rare instances, damage may even ensue, but with copper wiring in your home, the appliances and electrical system will run smoother.

Easy Installation of Copper Wiring  

Professionals work with better with copper as it is simpler to strip, more so than other options. The copper can be better bent and fitted obstacles more readily and slides in tighter spaces with ease.   Also, surface oxides do not develop on the outside on the copper wiring. 

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