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Pros of Whole House Surge Protector in Aberdeen, FL; Protect Electronics & Appliances from Power Surges & More

If your home doesn’t have protection against power surges, you could be putting yourself in a position where your electronics could sustain serious damage. With the amount of storms that we experience in our area, whole home surge protection isn’t something that many homeowners can afford to go without. Power surges can be severe and…

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Importance of Boat Dock Electrical Safety Inspections to Help Prevent Electric Shock Drowning (ESD) in Wellington, FL

All along Florida there are salt water and fresh water boat docks for both small to large boats. Along the docks, power systems are put in place to provide needed light and an essential power source. Even though electricity is essential, water and electricity is never a good combination. One of the greatest dangers of…

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Electrical Outlet Not Working in Tequesta, FL? Bad Wiring, Overloaded Circuit Breakers & Other Causes of Burnt Socket

It is fairly common for homeowners to notice an outlet blackened and melted by heat. This is not an issue that should be put on the back burner or left unchecked. When you experience any electrical problem, know they never correct themselves and ignoring the issue only makes it worse. More often than not, these…

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Signs You Need an Electrician for Electrical Repairs in South Bay, FL; Flickering Lights, Loose Wall Outlets & More

If your electrical system is functioning properly not only will your lights and power work correctly, it will also protect you from the dangers of electrocution and fire. In most cases electrical issues have warning signs to alert you of any potential problems. The knowledgeable experts at Simon Electric have provided the following tips to…

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Home Office Electrical Needs in South Palm Beach, FL; Install Multiple Outlets, Whole House Surge Protection & More

If you are thinking of starting your own business, or your job allows you the option to work from home, having an office space that makes sense is essential. Rather than just throwing a desk and computer into your spare bedroom, to make your office a complete success will require a little bit of planning.…

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Why Getting an Electrical Inspection is Worth It in Riviera Beach, FL; Detect Signs of Fire & Other Hazards & More

For both residential and commercial buildings it is important that everyone safely monitor and maintain their electrical system. To know the state of the electrical system, it should be inspected every couple of years. Many home or business owners often feel that an electrical inspection is not necessary and they will neglect the electrical system…

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