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What to Do to Prepare for a Hurricane in Lake Clarke Shores, FL; Whole House Surge Protector & More

In Florida, hurricanes are not news to us. While the peak hurricane season lasts between mid-August through October, the actual season is June-November. If you have ever experienced a hurricane, you know that there can be substantial damage when the storm has passed. Part of this damage usually involved a power outage of some kind.…

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Hurricane Preparedness Plan in Juno Beach, FL; Transfer Switch for Emergency Generator & More

Florida and other coastal states, especially those on the southern to northern east coast, are no stranger to intense storms and hurricanes. Hurricanes can be devastating as we have recently seen. Strong rain can cause serious flooding. The wind speeds can leave behind major damages to homes and buildings. As we are able to monitor…

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How is a Power Surge Created in Hypoluxo, FL? Whole House Surge Protector for Electrical Panel & More

Power surges can cause a number of damages to electronics and even cause a large enough electrical spark to ignite a flame causing a fire. Power surges can be dangerous if not controlled. A power surge can be caused by a number of sources which is why power surge protection is essential. Basic electrical systems…

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Install Tamper Resistant Electrical Outlets for Child Safety & Avoiding Electric Shock in Greenacres, FL

Every year, more and more children are taken to emergency departments because they have sustained electrical shock and burns. These kinds of accidents can be completely avoided when you take the appropriate steps to ensure your child is safe. These steps should be taken nice and early so that you don’t have to learn from…

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