Electrical Currents in Water? Safety Tips on Boats & Docks etc in Palm Beach, FL

Any time water and electricity are mixed, it can be a dangerous situation to everyone in the area. It is important that appropriate measures are taken to ensure the safety of anyone that is near water and devices or appliances that use electricity in order to keep them safe from electrical shock. Simon Electric is here to share some electrical safety near water.

Electrical Safety Around Pools

Most people don’t think twice about electrical shock when they are swimming. There are a few dangers that are often present around swimming pools and should be used cautiously. Many appliances and other electrical devices are used around swimming pools and should always be covered with waterproof covering to avoid danger. Also, the lights that are used to illuminate the pool should be checked regularly by a professional electrician to ensure the wiring is still safe and there is no risk there.

Electrical Safety on Boats

The metal spars and masts on a boat are a risk if they are too close to power lines. They are a conductor of electricity so it is important that they are at least 10 feet away from power lines at all times. With tide changes, you have to constantly be aware of your clearance. Another cause for concern are drying sails and sheet lines that can blow into power lines. Anytime you are on a boat, it is vital that you are aware of your clearances to keep yourself safe. Also, you should always be aware of underwater gas lines and electrical utility lines. Avoid anchoring your boat too close to these lines.

Electrical Safety on Boat Docks

A wide range of equipment is often used in dock areas like welding equipment, cranes, compressors and other heavy equipment. Any time you are working on a metal deck, with water present, you need to be well aware of the electrical dangers that are present. Always make sure your equipment is grounded and use insulated decking for testing and adjusting energized circuits. All electrical equipment should be inspected before using it.

Electrical Current in Water

If there is ever an instance where you fail to follow electrical safety around water and the area seems unsafe for any reason, it is important that you stay away from the water. If you boat comes in contact with any power lines, do not for any reason jump into the water since the water could be full of live electrical current. When around docks, always use the upmost safety since the risk of electrical shock is so high.

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