Extension Cord Rules in Mangonia Park, FL; Is it Safe to Leave Cords Plugged in, Can You Plug One into Another & More

Many people use extension cords every day to get power where they need it. They make using electrical devices so much easier no matter where you are. Just like any other time you are dealing with electricity, there are some safety measures you should be following to ensure you aren’t putting you or those you love in danger with your extension cord use though. Simon Electric is here to share some extension cord safety tips that will help you use these tools without doing so in a dangerous way.

Extension Cord Rules

There are several ways that you can enjoy the use of extension cords. Following are some of the things that you should do before you plug in that extension cord and use it.
– Check the extension cord for any signs of damage. This could include bent prongs, cracks or signs of weakness in the cord itself.
– Any time you plug an extension cord into an outlet, you should make sure it is plugged in all the way.
– Never use extension cords around water. Water and electricity do not mix and you are playing with fire by trying to bring the two together.
– Always store your extension cords indoors.
– If you aren’t using your extension cord, it shouldn’t be plugged in to power.
– When using extension cords, think of them as a temporary solution to your electrical demands. If they are more than that, you may need to think about calling your electrician to help you get the outlets that you need to plug something in permanently.

Don’ts of Extension Cord Use

Following are some things you should avoid when using extension cords.
– If you have an extension cord that is supposed to only be used indoors, you shouldn’t attempt to use it outside.
– Never plug more than one extension cord into each other.
– Do not force the plug when plugging it in or bend the prongs in any way. This is a major fire hazard and just isn’t wise.
– If there are any signs of water on an extension cord, do not use it. Like mentioned above, water and electricity don’t mix well.
– You shouldn’t ever have an extension cord anywhere that you would drive over it.
– When using extension cords, don’t put them under rugs or tape them down where there are high amounts of traffic. Avoid using extension cords in these settings.
– Don’t overload cords by trying to plug too much into them. Know how much your extension cord can handle and don’t go beyond that.

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If you find that you are using extension cords as permanent fixtures in your home, you may to have more outlets installed in your house so that you can use the devices that you want to without relying on extension cords to get power. At Simon Electric, our team of highly qualified electricians will help you safely get the outlets you need. Call us today!

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