How to Prevent Electrical Accidents in Your North Palm Beach, FL Home; Dangers of Water & Electricity & More

There are lots of people that are staying at home and many are choosing to do some DIY projects around their property. There are some things you can safely do while you are at home and others that can be quite dangerous. One area of the house that you want to use caution or call out a professional is with your electrical system. It might surprise you to know that there are around 800 deaths each year from an electrical related accident. This is likely people that are not using the right tools or expertise to do a job or project. It can also be how you are treating the electricity in your home and not using some safety tips. Electricity in the home is a blessing and a necessity but it can also be dangerous as well. Simon Electric outlines what you can do to prevent an electrical accident in your home.

Check Power Cords

One of the things you should be doing is checking the cords that you use to plug in. This might be the cord that is attached to the toaster, computer, hair dryer or other appliance. You also want to check the cords that you use for extension as well. It is best to stop using right away any cords that are frayed or that the actual cord has exposed wiring. This is a sign that the electricity will be compromised and could lead to damage. You also want to never use a cord that has missing prongs or that has any burnt or melted parts on it.

Dangers of Water & Electricity

When it comes to electricity there is one common threat and that is water. Water and electricity are just not compatible. You want to make sure that you avoid touching and grabbing things that are electrical with wet hands or if you are standing in water. You could be shocked and this can be devastating causing injury and even death. It is best to use dry ands and if you need to get access to something that is in water or near it you wait for a professional.

Avoid Overloaded Electrical Circuit

One common mistake that many people make is when there is an outlet in a prime location they tend to overload it. This can be around an entertainment area that you are using to run a television, radio, video game, camera and more. When you overload an outlet you are overloading the circuit and this will lead to the circuit being tripped and could fry that area of the house. You want to stick with the guidelines and if you need more outlet space call a professional that can come out and install a new circuit to your wall.

Remove a Plug Socket from the Wall Correctly

If you are running the vacuum and you need to move the plug some people grab the cord and yank on it to pull it from the wall. This is a bad habit and should not be used to remove any cord from the wall. This will cause the cord to become damaged and could damage the actual outlet as well. It is best to walk over and hold the plug to remove it from the wall.

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