How to Reduce Stress on Your Electrical System in Ocean Ridge, FL; Home Appliances that Use Most Electricity & More

During the summer season the home electrical system undergoes a lot of stress which can cause electrical problems and a higher power bill. Many homeowners will have a higher bill each month as well as possible electrical damages during the intense part of the summer season. However, there are ways to protect the electrical system and reduce the amount of stress put on it. Before the hot summer season begins, Simon Electric will share how you can reduce stress and save money this coming summer season.

Smart Air Conditioning Appliance Management

When considering how to reduce stress on your home’s electrical system, first look at what may be bearing the most burden. During the hot summer months, one of the most highly used appliances is the cooling system. To help reduce the load from the cooling system, make sure to have it tuned-up and keep the air filters clean. By attending to your cooling system it will run more smoothly and more efficiently. Additionally, do not keep the air conditioner turned down too low as it will cause stress. Keep the temperature from 75 to 85 degrees.

Lower Energy Cost to Run a Refrigerator

Next you will want to look at your other power draining appliances. Right behind the cooling system is the refrigerator. Refrigerators run constantly and use a lot of your home power. Refrigerators also require some maintenance which keeps it functioning effectively. Additionally, look at your refrigerator setting and make sure that they are not too excessive. Check the settings. The refrigerator side doesn’t ever need to be lower than 37 degrees and works well at 40 degrees. The freezer side should never be lower than -5 degrees. However, 0 degrees is optimal. Whenever possible, replace old appliances as they tend to cost more power to run.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Another way to help reduce your power needs is to change out your home light bulbs. LED light uses far less power and lasts longer which makes them a good investment. Ceiling fans can also help reduce the temperature inside the home and make an 85 degree setting feel more like 78 degrees. Avoid leaving lights on in the home that are not being used. Other ways of keeping your home cool is to is for you to keep windows blocked by using blinds or curtains. By reducing the amount of sun that enters the home the cooler it will stay. In turn, this means the air conditioner will run less.

How to Reduce or Stop Vampire Power

Dealing with parasitic drains from an entertainment system, which can include TVs, movie players, music, and gaming machines, consider putting your entertainment devices on a power strip which you can turn off every night. Even though they may be turned off, they still pull out small amounts of power. By reducing the parasites in your home, you help to remove stress from your home electrical system. Additionally, avoid leaving unessential devices plugged in. Even fully charged phones and devices will pull out small amounts of power.

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You can help keep stress off your electrical system and help reduce your monthly power bill, prevent unexpected electrical problems, and even enhance your home safety by following the tips above. If you find you need help inspecting, repairing or installing electrical systems, contact Simon Electric today.

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