Modern Kitchen & Bathroom Lighting Upgrades in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Bathrooms and kitchens are the most commonly used rooms in the home, and the rooms where lighting is essential. Ensuring your lighting is functional as well as gorgeous can be easily accomplished with upgrades.   Bearing this in mind, we at Simon Electric would like to take the opportunity to share a few ideas on how your lights can better illuminate the bathroom and kitchen without sacrificing style.

Modern Track Lighting 

Increasing both aesthetics and visibility in the bathroom or kitchen, the track lighting is an excellent solution.   To provide a higher degree of illumination, track lighting will allow you to point the lamps in any direction, allowing you to customize your lighting needs.

Shelf Lighting Strips & Under Cabinet Lights

Around the cabinets is one of the most poorly lit areas.   Trying to find items in and below the cabinets and see what you are doing when working on countertops can be a challenge without the proper lighting.   The best solution is installing cabinet lighting. 

Crystal, Rustic & Other Chandeliers 

Creating a luxurious and classy option, is to install a chandelier. If you have no room for floor lamps in these areas, chandeliers can be an exceptional way to provide optimal lighting.  Be sure to compliment the surroundings and ensure the chandelier is cohesive to the space. With so many options to choose from, you can have the perfect fit for your bathroom or kitchen.

Recessed Lighting  

To help you make the kitchen or bathroom appear bigger, while shining adequate lighting is optimally done with recessed lighting.   The end result is what is called wall washing, which is accomplished with recessed lighting.  Wall washing is what is described as lighting fixture that offers increased illumination to the walls in a particular room.  Homes with sloped ceilings will benefit the most from a recessed lighting installation.

Toggle Dimmer Switch

A dimmer is an ideal option for those looking to have more control of how much lighting is provided to the space.  You can have energy saving benefits in addition to the control of the brightness you allot with the dimmer lighting installation.   In most instances bulbs last 25% longer when used in conjunction with a dimmer switch.

Switch Light Bulbs

You may want to change out the existing light bulbs, if you want to improve the ambiance and illumination that you have in the bathroom or kitchen in your home.   You want to make sure you are the right wattage of bulb.   When the unnecessarily high wattage bulbs are used, the bulbs do bot last as long.

Bathroom Vanity Lights & Mirror Lighting 

A bathroom mirror with built in lights is a perfect option to brighten an area.   The lit mirrors help you better navigate an otherwise dark bathroom, while looking stunning to say the least.

Accent Lighting

The reason for installing additional lighting in the bathroom and kitchen of a home is to highlight some of the structural features in quite a few instances.  While creating ambiance in the process, use accent lighting to draw the eye’s attention to the best features in your home.

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With Simon Electric, you can rest assured that the lighting upgrades in your bathroom or kitchen are done safely and efficiently.  Contact us for a lighting consultation today!


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