Office Building Electrical Maintenance in Hypoluxo, FL to Prevent Circuit Breakers Tripping & More

Electrical maintenance on a regular basis is an important safety measure. It’s also important in preventing potential accidents and improving the energy efficiency of your office. It will save you money on your power bills too. Simon Electric explores the importance of electrical maintenance for your office building.

Signs Your Office Needs Electrical Maintenance Work to Meet Safety Requirements

1. Circuit breaker trips regularly. It’s normal for a circuit breaker to trip form time to time, but if it’s happening frequently in your office, you will need to find out why- it’s easy to reset it each time it happens, but you aren’t really getting to the root of the problem- it can occur with an circuit shorted to ground or a circuit overload-a licensed, experienced electrician can determine exactly what the issue is, fix the problem and with minimal interruptions to your office-
2. Office lights flicker. It may not see too troublesome to have lights that flicker, but when it happens regularly, it can become a nuisance and a source of distraction for your office staff. Flickering lights can cause headaches, vision issues and decreased energy levels. It can also cause your energy bills to increase. The problem may be as simple as the light bulbs or as serious as an overloaded circuit. The more lights that are affected, the more serious the problem is.
3. Electrical outlets are warm. Your office is overdue for electrical maintenance if electrical outlets are warm to the touch when appliances are plugged in or out. This indicates a problem that needs to be addressed by an electrician. You can unplug the appliance in an outlet that feels warm and check back in an hour. The outlet should be room temperature. You should also have worn, cracked, broken, or chipped outlets checked and/or replaced. Electricians can tell which outlets are linked to the same circuit wire series. The problem can also be an older breaker that needs replacing.
4. Sparks occur when appliances are plugged in or unplugged. You should never see sparks coming out of your outlets. A brief spark can be normal without any serious issues. But it can also indicate a serious problem when it’s due to excessive heat building up in your outlets. This is a problem that can become worse when it melts the insulation that cover the wires in your electrical system and turns into an electrical fire. Sparks can also be caused by water exposure, the age of the outlet, older appliance cords or bad repair jobs.
5. The office building is older. If your office is in an older building, the electrical wiring might be decades older than that in a newer office building. Chances are good that the insulation around the wiring is just as old and probably worn out. Older buildings need more frequent maintenance checks by a qualified electrician with lots of experience so wiring and insulation can be inspected and replaced, as needed. They will also perform the right tests to ensure the load you’re using in your office can be supported.

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Regular electrical maintenance can prevent lost time and money in the form of interruptions, repairs, and wasted energy charges. Contact Simon Electric to set up a maintenance schedule today and ensure your staff has a safe environment to work in!

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