Commercial Electrical Maintenance

Anytime you are experiencing problems with your commercial electrical system, you’re production can be brought to a halt. The best way to ensure your commercial electrical system is proper maintenance. At Simon Electric, we provide our customers with a comprehensive list of maintenance services that will keep your commercial electrical system running and, in turn, keep your business running as well.

Electrical Preventive Maintenance Plans

At Simon Electric, we offer preventative maintenance plans that will offer a long list of benefits for your business. Here are some of the pros to enlisting Simon Electric to handle your maintenance needs.
Extend the Life of Equipment: When you take care of equipment and perform the maintenance required to keep it running, you will protect it and extend its life. Much like car maintenance, any heavy machinery in your building should be properly maintained.
Reduce Energy Costs: During routine maintenance, modifications can be made to provide a more energy efficient atmosphere. These changes can drastically affect the amount of energy your building consumes.
Avoid Costly Electrical Repairs: Just like other types of maintenance, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. During maintenance services, small repairs can be made before you are facing large, costly repairs later.

Complete Guide to Maintenance of Electrical Equipment

The list of systems that will require regular maintenance are long. Here are some of the areas that will be properly maintained when you choose Simon Electric:
– Electrical Machinery
– Generators
– Hydraulics
– Digital Communication
– Surge Protection
– Transformers
– Pneumatic Systems
– Lighting Systems

How to Prevent Circuit Overload Problems

Anytime you are experiencing frequently tripping circuits, it is time to call on the professionals at Simon Electric. In a commercial setting, you are likely overloading a circuit with a large amount of electronics. This issue should never be ignored. If the problem is left unresolved, you would face damage to your electronics and other expensive commercial equipment. Here are some ways that you can avoid overloading circuits in the workplace:
– Plug all equipment and appliances directly into the wall receptacles.
– Avoid using extension cords
– Power strips allow more outlets, but they do not provide more power.

Commercial Electrical Systems are Complex

The electrical system in your commercial building is complex. It shouldn’t never be maintained by anyone other than a professional electrician. At Simon Electric, our electricians have the training and the experience needed to care for your commercial electrical system in a safe manner. We will work around your schedule so that disruption to your business is at a minimum.

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In a nutshell, your commercial building cannot afford to go without electrical maintenance. The complex equipment and systems that keep your business running are essential, and the best way to protect them is with routine maintenance. At Simon Electric, we have a courteous staff that takes pride in excellent customer service. You can count on us to keep your commercial electrical system up and running. Call us today!

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