Electrical Panel Upgrade

As many of you know, your electrical panel is the source of all the power your home receives. Having an electrical panel that is up to date and not overloaded is one of the best ways to safeguard your home against a house fire. At Simon Electric, we have a team of certified electricians that can inspect and upgrade your electrical panel when necessary. As your home gets older, there is a good chance that your electrical panel needs to be upgraded to keep up with the electrical demands of your home. Your appliances, the HVAC system and all the electronics your home uses to function are constantly increasing, and your electrical panel needs to be able to handle it.

How an Electrical Panel Works

The main power line is fed to your house and connects to a box on the outside of your house. This is what your electrical panel is hooked up to. Common places for your electrical panel to be located are the basement, garage, utility room or a closet. It is usually painted grey and easy to spot along with being accessible. Located inside the breaker box will be rows of switches that are distributing the main power line throughout your entire house. This is literally the map of power to your home. Each switch should be labeled so you know what area of the house it sends power to. Some switches are doubled and tripled up because they are larger and can handle powering your major appliances. If you ever need to cut power to a specific part of your home or the entire house, your electrical panel is the place to do it.

Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

When your electrical panel can’t keep up with the demands that your home requires to function, you will notice there are frequent outages. Older systems just can’t handle the increased power that is needed to keep your home running. Not only is it irritating to have the power constantly going out, but this is a huge fire hazard as well. Overloaded wires are also a risk of electrical shock when they are touched. Here are a couple ways to know if your electrical panel needs to be upgraded.
1. If your home is more than 20 years old, you likely need to upgrade your electrical panel if it has never been done. This is especially true if your outdated panel is Federal Pacific, Challenger and Zinsco/Sylvania
2. If your home has more power requirements, you will need to upgrade your panel as well.

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Whenever you choose Simon Electric for your electrical panel upgrades, you know that you will receive nothing short of superior electrical services. We strive for excellence and complete customer satisfaction. If there are any signs that indicate your electrical panel is having a hard time keeping up, call on us for a thorough electrical panel inspection to rule out the need for an electrical panel upgrade and keep your home safe. Call us today!

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