Emergency Home Electrical Wiring Repair

With the constant changes in technology and electrical wiring, it’s no wonder we find ourselves facing electrical repairs so often. If you find that you are having some issues with your power, there is no one more qualified to solve the problem than the certified electricians at Simon Electric, LLC. Some electrical problems are larger than others, but there isn’t an electrical problem out there that we can’t fix. Following are some of the most common electrical problems we run into.

Overloading Electrical Circuits

When a light fixture is installed in your home, you should never place a bulb in it that has a higher wattage than the light fixture is designed for. This causes overloading and is a code violation. Using more wattage than you should could result in electrical fires and other electrical damage. When in doubt, use 60 watt bulbs.

Voltage Sags & Power Dips

When your power grid is faulty and you have your appliances hooked up to it, you can experience power sags and dips. This can also be a problem when your grid is made up of low quality materials. At Simon Electric, we only use the highest quality materials that will last much longer than cheaper ones.

Exposed Electrical Junction Box

This code violation is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Your junction box is full of wires that are connected to each other. Someone could easily get shocked when these wires are left exposed.

Flickering Lights is an Electrical Problem

We have all experienced flickering lights when the weather is severe. This is caused by wires that have frayed and caused a short when they are moved by the wind. While this doesn’t violate any codes, it is a huge fire risk. You should call Simon Electric as soon as possible to replace the weatherhead.

Not Enough Plug Sockets & Electrical Outlets

By today’s standards, current electrical code calls for an outlet within four feet of a doorway and every 12 feet after that. If you don’t have that many outlets in your room, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are breaking any codes. Extension cords should never be a permanent solution. When you are using heavy duty extension cords temporarily, you are fine but if your extension cords aren’t big enough, they can overheat and cause a fire risk. The best solution is to call Simon Electric to install additional outlets.

Aluminum Wiring in an Old House

In the 60s and 70s, aluminum wiring was used rather than copper because it was more cost effective. Over time, everyone realized it wasn’t a safe option and it is no longer used. The reason aluminum causes a problem is corrosion. This corrosion can be dangerous and cause arcing which can result in fires. If you have aluminum wiring throughout your home, the skilled electricians at Simon Electric can replace it with the safer option, copper.

Emergency Electrical Repairs & More in Delray Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter & Boca Raton & Palm Beach County Florida

At Simon Electric, we offer a wide variety of electrical repairs. Our experience and training will free your home of any electrical code violations you may have. If you are having any problems, large or small, don’t hesitate you call on our help. You won’t regret choosing us for your electrical repairs. Call us today!

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