What Still Works when Your Power Goes Out During a Storm or Other Outage in Atlantis, FL

Have you ever been sitting around watching some television or cooking dinner and the power goes out in your house? This happens to most people at some point in their life and can be a real inconvenience. There are several reasons that your house could be without power. A common cause of a power outage can come when a car accident has occurred and the transformer near your home has been damaged. Another common cause is if a storm comes through your area and the wind knocks down some power lines or debris hits the transformer. This will cause an entire area to be without power until the repairs have been made. You also could have a problem with your circuit panel. This is where all the electricity to your home goes before it is used in the house. If the panel is damaged it can prevent the house from getting power and the entire panel may need to be replaced. Lastly is that the power company may have shut off the power due to non-payment. You want to try and find out what the reason is if possible then you can decide what needs to be done. While you are waiting for the power to come back on there are still things that you can do.

Simon Electric Answers Whether City Water & Other Utilities Still Work when the Power Goes Out

City Water Still Works During Power Outage: When the power goes out in the house there are lots of the amenities that you will lose. You won’t have access to any lights or appliances that are using electricity to run. This limits a lot of what you can do but there are things that still work. The water that is in your house will still come out of the faucets. The water is not attached to the electrical system and that is why it will remain on when the power is out. This means that you can still get a shower and there will be water to drink if you need it. The other great thing about the water working is that the bathrooms are in working order including the toilets. You can still use the restroom while waiting for the power to be back on.

Gas Stove Top On when Power Goes Out: If you are without power for some time you will still need to make food to feed your family. If you own a gas stove top you can still use it even if the power is out. The electrical ignition will not work but if you have a match or lighter you can use it. Turn the gas on and use the lighter to ignite the flame. Now you can use the stove to make food even though there is no power.

Landlines Work During Power Outages: Having a phone in the house is not something that is uncommon but having a phone that is plugged into the wall with a receiver attached by a cord is. If the power is out in the house you can continue to use the house phone as long as it is plugged into the phone jack and has a corded handset. This is good when your cell phone battery dies and you have no way to charge it back up. Now you have access to a phone if you run across an emergency.

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