When to Replace an Electrical Outlet in Juno Beach, FL; Burnt or Loose Outlets & More

Being a homeowner is hard work and something that can take a lot of time and effort. The work that goes into owning a home means you have to update items in the house as well as repair things that stop working. There are some aspects of a home that you want to always use a professional to do the work. One of those areas is to make sure that if you have trouble with any electrical wiring and outlets that you use an electrician. If you have trouble with an electrical outlet in your house it can lead to heat and that can lead to a potential fire. That is why it is important to know what the signs are of electrical troubles as well as what you should do when one occurs. Simon Electric lists some signs to look for when you decide to replace your electrical outlets.

Burnt or Damaged Electrical Outlets

One of the things you want to keep an eye on in the house is the actual appearance of the outlet. The outlets are placed around the home along the wall about a foot from the ground. The outlets can also be behind a piece of furniture and it can be difficult to know if they are in good shape or not. The outlets should be inspected and checked to make sure that there is not any damage. You can look around the house and check each one to be sure that they are not burnt, cracked or broken. If you notice that there are outlets that are damaged and the plate cover has been cracked or broken, or shows signs of being burned, have them replaced right away.

Loose Electrical Outlet is a Fire Hazard

When you go to a use an outlet you plug in your device and go about your business. The plug should be in a position so that you can insert it into the outlet and it will stay. When you start to notice that the plugs fall out or they are not staying all the way intact in the outlet, you need to have them inspected. The outlet has been worn out and the loose connection is a danger to your home and should be replaced. This is to let the electrical current flow but it will be constantly interrupted and this can cause a charge or spark.

Old Electrical Wiring

You also want to make sure that as you look around the house for what needs updating you think about the electrical wiring as well. You make sure that you update your appliances and furniture when needed so be sure the outlets are taken care of as well. Your outlets can be inspected to ensure that they are up to code and upgraded. The outlets should have a three prong outlet throughout the house. If you notice that the outlets are only two pronged it is important to replace them right away.

Outlet is Hot & Smells

You also want to make sure that if you are using the outlet it is not hot to the touch. If you notice that the outlets are hot you want to make sure that you have them inspected and replaced right away. This can be a sign that the wiring in the wall is not covered or that the outlet is damaged.

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