Why Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping in Pahokee, FL; Circuit Overload, Short Circuit Outlets, Arc Fault Breaker & More

Housed in the electrical panel is the breakers which is the heart of the home’s electrical system. The breakers are the home electrical safety system. The breakers are designed to cut off power through the circuits that show an anomaly. When the power is cut off, the breakers trip requiring that you manually flip them back to the on position. When a circuit breaker trips is it because there is a possible problem in the circuit. When the breaker frequently trips, this can be a sign of a major electrical problem. Simon Electric will share what causes the breakers to trip and when to contact a professional electrical service.

Circuit Overload

A circuit is designed to draw a certain amount of power. When a circuit draws more power than it is designed to take, the circuit will overload. Circuit breakers have an internal mechanism that when it heats up it triggers a spring inside the breaker which cuts off the power. This is a common problem when there is too many appliances and other electrical equipment that is running off of the same circuit. Overloading a circuit is one of the most common culprits of breaker tripping. Overloading a circuit can become dangerous and should be avoided.

Short Circuit Outlets

Inside an outlet are hot and neutral wires. If the hot and neutral wire comes in contact with one another, it will short circuit the breaker. Short circuits can also occur when two hot wires come in contact. When wires touch and short circuit the breaker, they will trip. However, short circuiting is also dangerous as in most cases the wires will spark. Often the spark will leave a burn mark on the outlet face. When an outlet shot circuit it is important to have the circuit inspected to ensure there is no exposed or damaged wiring behind the outlet.

Ground Fault Problems

A ground fault is fairly similar to a short circuit. A ground fault is when a hot wire contacts the ground wire. A ground fault can also occur when the hot wire touches a wood or metal surface. In most cases, a ground fault isn’t a major problem unless water or moisture is involved. If water or moisture is present, there can be a major risk of electrocution. It can be very hard to detect a ground fault from a short circuit. It often requires a professional to locate a ground fault problem.

Arc Fault Breaker

When you see a spark in a light switch or outlet, this is what is referred to as an arc fault. Arc faults are considered very dangerous. An arc fault occurs when there is a loose screw terminal connection. When a spark occurs between the contact and the wiring connection, and an arc results, this can be a major risk. An arc fault will cause the breaker to trip. However, the cause must be looked into.

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When a breaker trips occasionally or there is an obvious overload problem, the fix is fairly simple. However, if the breaker trips continually, there is an electrical problem that requires investigating. If your breakers keep tripping and you need professional electrical services, contact Simon Electric today.

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