Can Faulty Electrical Wires Increase My Electric Bill in Haverhill, FL? Damaged, Bad & Old Wiring Can Cost You!

Savvy homeowners are constantly on the lookout to find viable solutions to lower their home expenses. One of the most common questions property owners ask of the experts at Simon Electric is: Could faulty wiring be responsible for increasing my electric bill? Yes, the short answer is absolutely, although there are many reasons that you…

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What Would Cause a Breaker to Keep Tripping in Boynton Beach, FL? Short Circuit, Ground Fault & More

Quite a few homeowners experience a tripped circuit breaker. When it trips, the power is cut off to a certain area or the whole house. Though the solution is sometimes to replace the circuit breaker, you can reset a tripped circuit fairly easy enough, although if it keeps tripping, this indicates a more serious problem…

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