How Do I Fix Flickering & Dimming Lights On One or More Circuits in My Delray Beach, FL House?

Why are the lights in my home flickering? It might happen when you turn an appliance on or when the AC kicks in. It may happen just in the kitchen or only in the bathroom. It may not make any sense, but it can be annoying and leave you wondering what the heck is going on?! You may need to give a professional electrician a call to solve the mystery of your flickering lights.

Are Flickering Lights Normal?

What is normal? All wires have a level of natural resistance, which means that when electric current flows through them, some amount of voltage gets used to force the current flow against the wire’s resistance. There may just be times when some flickering will occur. When a system is designed correctly, you can minimize the flickering, but not completely eliminate it. Figuring out what’s going on involves making note of the “symptoms” of the flickering.

Types of Flickering Lights Electrical Problems

  1. Only one light flickers in a room. When you find you only have one light that flickers, chances are that the bulb itself is the problem and the fix is a simple one. Turn the power off, unscrew the bulb and then screw it back in. This can fix the problem if the bulb wasn’t screwed in completely or the threads didn’t line up. The bulb may be getting old and can also cause the flickering as well. If this doesn’t work, there may be a problem with the lamp, the switch or the outlet. Take the lamp to a different outlet and plug it in. If it works then the problem is with the outlet it was previously plugged into. If the lamp continues to flicker, it’s the lamp. The safest way to fix the problem is to call the professionals to avoid electric shock.
  2. Lights flicker when turned on and then fully illuminate. This symptom is normal for fluorescent bulbs and newer energy-saving CFLs where full-illumination is reached moments after they are turned on. While there may be some flickering, the bulb may be getting old if the flickering doesn’t stop. If this is occurring with incandescent bulbs you can take the following steps: unscrew and reinstall the bulb, try another outlet and call professional if the problem continues.
  3. All the lights flicker and don’t stop flickering in house. Stormy weather can make this symptom totally normal. But if it happens throughout your home it’s a bigger problem. This is an indication that the voltage to your electrical system is fluctuating. This can damage the wiring and everything you have plugged into it. You must call an electrician immediately to solve this problem as it is a dangerous situation that can lead to electrical fire or shock.

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It is not a good idea to ignore a lighting or electrical problem. Always investigate and call an electrician if you can’t figure it out or feel uncomfortable. You can trust the professionals at Simon Electric whenever you have problems with the electricity in your home. Give us a call today.