How to Charge Your Electric Car at Home in Boynton Beach, FL; Level 1 to 3 Tesla Supercharging

The benefits from driving an electric vehicle (EV) are seemingly endless. From saving money to saving the planet, more and more people are choosing electric when they go to buy their next vehicle. If you are new to the electric vehicle world, there may be some terminology that you aren’t familiar with pertaining to your new ride. Simon Electric is here to share a guide to charging your electrical vehicle so you understand exactly what all these terms mean and why they are important.

Common Electric Vehicle Terms & Abbreviations

Before you are completely ready to drive your electric vehicle, you need to understand how to charge it. There are several terms that pertain to charging that may be difficult to understand. Following is everything you need to know.
Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE): This piece of equipment is found either hanging on a pedestal or mounted on the wall in your garage and works to relay AC power to the vehicle safely.
Level 1 Charging: This is a 120v household outlet and the slowest form of charging for your EV. If your commute is small and you don’t plan to travel more than 40 miles in one day, this may be enough for you. It generally takes up to 18 hours to fully charge a depleted battery.
Level 2 Charging: With the use of an EVSE, 220v or 240v of power up to 30 amps is used to charge your car in a fraction of the time that the level 1 charger takes. You can charge a fully depleted battery in as little as 3 hours with this charger.
DC Charging Station: These chargers will charge an EV to 80% in 30 minutes. If you are driving and need a quick charge before you can make it back to your home, this is where you want to go. These are gas pump sized machines and found at more and more gas stations as well as dealerships.
Level 3 Charging (Tesla Supercharger): Some fully electric vehicles are now utilizing Tesla energy, a specific brand of energy. They are high-functioning and far more economical than other vehicle options. People who invest in a Tesla wall connector can expect faster charging time and the charge will even last longer. In fact, the Tesla supercharger will provide half a charge in approximately 20 minutes. Tesla charging stations require professional installation. Simon Electric, LLC is proud to be a preferred Tesla installer.

EV Battery Charging Tips

Following are some things you should know before you purchase an electric vehicle.
– Be aware of the incentives that come from purchasing an EV. There are many purchase incentives that can actually drastically reduce the purchase price of an EV. You also need to factor in the maintenance incentives and cost to operate your EV. You may be surprised at the cost savings.
– Get your electrical system ready. You will want to look into having a level 2 charger installed in your home if you plan to drive your vehicle a decent amount of the time. To make sure your electrical system is ready for it, call on the professionals at Simon Electric to give you a free estimate.
– Know where free charging stations are. These will most likely be the dealerships near you where you can purchase the car you are driving.
– Charge during off-peak hours. You can end up paying three times the cost when you charge during peak hours. Make sure you look into the cost of electricity in your area.

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