How Power Surges are Created in Loxahatchee Groves, FL; Whole House Surge Protection Solution & More

Power surges can cause a lot of damage to electrical devices and even potentially start a fire if they are not properly managed. Power surges happen all the time and with proper protection, most go unnoticed. To ensure your home is protected from power surges, Simon Electric would like to share some of the common causes of power surges and how to protect your home and property from them.

Common Causes of Power Surges

A power surge is a quick but powerful burst of electricity. Power surges often damage appliances and electrical devices that are plugged into an outlet. The powerful burst of electricity travels through a circuit and disburses in the attached appliance or device which then causes damage to the delicate circuit boards. Power surges can occur from many different sources. Power surges can occur when power lines are down. A surge can occur when power is restored and a surge of power returns to the home. Another common source of power surge occurs during lightning storms. Lightning can strike a power pole, sending a massive current of power to a home where the electricity disburses inside the home. However, a power surge can also occur within a home as well and not always from outside forces. Power surges can be caused by damaged wiring. When the eternal wiring comes in contact with each other, it can create a power surge in the circuit. Another internal source of a power surge can be from larger appliances or utilities. When switching on an air conditioner or a dryer, they can at times, cause or trigger a power surge that can even shock the user. However, power surges within an appliance only occurs when they are turned off and back on rapidly.

Whole House Power Surge Protection

As power surges happen all the time and without warning, it is wise to protect your home from power surges. There are a few different ways you can help protect your home. One way, which is more common, is to use power surge protective power strips. Power surge protective strips not only protect the home and electrical devices from surge damage, they can also supply additional plugs. Power strips are recommended for entertainment devices which often require a number of outlets. However, you will want to avoid overusing a single outlet. A power strip helps to prevent overloading the outlet while protecting the devices from power surges. When buying power strips for your home, make sure it provides power surge protection as many do not. A better way to help protect the home is to have a professional electrician install a whole home power protection system.

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As there are many different sources of power surges it is important to protect your home and the expensive appliance and electrical devices within. If you are pondering over potential power surges and want more advice on how to protect your home, contact Simon Electric. We provide quality electrical services for marine, commercial, and residential properties. For quality electrical services, contact Simon Electric and schedule our services today.

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