Pros of LED Commercial Landscape Lighting for Your Loxahatchee, FL Business

You need to remember all aspects of operating a successful business.  Optimally marketed products, an impressive display, remarkable customers, and other basics are a good start.   One element to a successful business that is frequently overlooked is some of the basic details.   A very common example is how the presentation of your business looks when the sun is down.  People naturally feel a lot safer in well-lit areas.  For example, when someone is trying to tell a scary story it often starts by suggesting the victim was in a darkened setting.    Considering this, we at Simon Electric would like to relate the advantages of keeping your business well-lit, especially with the use of LED lights. 

Exterior Commercial Emergency & Safety Lights

Ensuring your parking lot is well lit, is probably one of the better benefits for safety.  Employees will feel more comfortable and the clients coming in and out will feel more secure.  Criminals look for poorly lit areas to take advantage of the vulnerability to perform their ill-acts.  You potentially significantly reduce the crimes that can occur with your parking lot, sidewalks, and the direct exterior of building bathed in plenty of LED lighting. 

LED Lights Illuminate

LED lights provide increased illumination. Having the lights will get you noticed when customers are looking for your business in the dark.  The bright LED lights attract people walking by and will subconsciously help them notice your location for future reference too. 

Advantages of LED Lighting Upgrades

In addition to your employees and customers feeling safer, the LED lights showering your exterior with illuminating light offers further benefits that include the examples listed below. 

  • Having a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, LED lights deliver up to 100,000 hours to give your lamps and require far less maintenance and attention.
  • With their flexible design that can be applied to existing poles and mounts, LED lights allow businesses on a budget to retrofit new fixtures.
  • Making maintenance quick and simple, LED arrays, induction lamps, and drives are easily replaced without tools.
  • With LED lights the fixtures have an instant start up, that minimizes a dark commercial exterior, during a power outage. Traditional lamps take a time to restart. 
  • LEDs consistent temperature and light intensity extends the lighting fixture’s useful life. 
  • Reducing the negative impact on the environment, LED lights require less energy consumption.
  • Shock and vibration resistant, LED lights are optimal for fixtures.
  • Lights are sealed in an industrial-strength case that minimizes light depreciation by keeping out the dust, pollution or other residues.

Commercial Lighting Consultations & More in Delray Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter & Boca Raton & Palm Beach County Florida

To find a better solution to getting the appropriate lighting in your commercial business’s sidewalks, parking lots, and building to help you with the overall success of your business, the specialists of Simon Electric are happy to oblige.  Ensure your commercial’s exterior is well-lit, LED light upgrades can significantly improve your lighting alone.  Call Simon Electric today to let our professionals assist in your commercial electrical needs!

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