Why Label the Circuit Breakers in Your Electrical Panel in Highland Beach, FL; Safety Standards & More

Is your electrical panel labeled? There are many reasons why an electrical panel should be labeled. For both commercial and residential buildings, there are many circuits that lead to different components such as lighting, outlets, and appliances that may not be named in the electrical panel. Simon Electric will share how labeling the electrical panel can help benefit the home or building.

Electrical Safety Standards

There are many reasons to label your home or business electrical panel. The first major consideration is safety. If there is an electrical emergency it is imperative the right circuit gets shut off immediately. When changing out light fixtures, outlets, or light switches, for your safety the circuit needs to be turned off. If the wrong circuit is turned off, it can result in serious injury or death. One of the first major reasons for labeling the electrical panel is safety. Another reason to label the electrical panel is for convenience. When replacing electrical features the circuits are turned off to ensure safety. It makes it a lot easier to have the panel and each circuit labeled to make the job get done faster. If the circuits are not labeled, the electrician will need to turn off one circuit at a time and test the line he is working on to ensure safety. Another alternative is to turn off all power to the home or building which is quite inconvenient to say the least.

How to Label the Breaker Box

If you discover your electrical panel was never labeled you will need to take that task into your own hands. When labeling the panel, it will be easier if there are two people. One person to stay at the electrical panel, and another that goes throughout the building to confirm what circuits are turned of. Most circuits are installed by room which makes it easier to know which line goes where. Make sure to have a pen, sticky labels and possibly a flashlight with you. Never turn on a light fixture in each room. Next have the person turn off one circuit at a time, and label which room the circuit goes to. Certain appliances have their own circuit and are not necessarily attached to the rest of the room. Often washing machines and dryers have their own dedicated circuit, as well as the HVAC system. In many cases the refrigerator will also have its own dedicated circuit. Often you will need to run these appliances and note which breaker turns them off.

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It can be difficult to determine where each circuit goes, especially in a commercial building. Often it may require the aid of a professional electrical service to come and help label the electrical panel. In most modern homes and commercial buildings, the electrical panel has been properly labeled. However, in older buildings, or when rewiring or additional wiring has been added to the building, often they can get mislabeled or not labeled at all. For proper safety and convenience make sure the electrical panel is accurately labeled. For quality electrical services for marine, commercial and residential, contact Simon Electric today!

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