Rewiring a House Room By Room in West Palm Beach, FL; Best Way to Update Electrical Wiring

Do you want to know what goes into a home when it needs to be rewired and what can that mean for the homeowner? There are many homes, especially older homes, that need to be rewired either due to obsolete wiring systems or damage from pests or human error. Electrical rewiring can help improve amp supply or electrical efficiency and safety. If you need to have your home rewired and wonder what that means and what to expect, Simon Electric will share what you need to know about electrical rewiring.

Signs Your House Needs Rewiring

First it is important to know when a home needs to be rewired. Often the home will tell you that it needs electrical rewiring if you know what to look for or know what would qualify for electrical rewiring. Here are some of the top signs or reasons why you should rewire your home.

  • Lights flicker when appliances are in use.
  • Interval power loss when appliances are in use. 
  • Outdated electrical wiring or design (knob and tube or aluminum wiring).
  • No grounding is present at key power points.
  • Socket/outlets or light switches overheat or feel warm.
  • Outdated outlets or fuse boards (round pin style outlets).
  • Fuse box with cast iron or wood backing.
  • Outdated Fuse box or panel and not labeled.
  • Breaker or fuse box frequently trips.
  • Exposed or unprotected wiring.

If a home electrical system has one or more of these electrical hazards or symptoms, it should be rewired, not only to update the home electrical system but to enhance electrical safety.

Best Way to Rewire a House; Hire a Licensed Electrician!

First of all, major rewiring should be done by a licensed electrical professional, not just to ensure safety but you can void your insurance policy and be in violation of  state codes and regulations if you don’t. When you have your home rewired often it is asked how much it will cost and how long will it take. Each home varies due to the size of the house, the layout of the circuits, and the number of light switches and electrical outlets which can consume more time and money. In short, there is no straight answer. However, you can always ask for a quote or estimate first.

How to Rewire a House

There are two major methods for rewiring a home: one is feeding wiring through the attic and to each light switch and outlet which takes more time. The second is removal of the outer wall and installing the wiring directly or cutting out a piece of the wall and re-plastering the holes where the wiring is installed. When rewiring a home it does require planning, especially when modifications are done to enhance electrical safety or to make sure the wiring design is up to code.

How to Prepare for Electrical Rewiring

Rewiring can get a little messy and often requires pictures and furniture to be removed and pushed away from the walls. Additionally, you will not have power until the wiring is completed. Rewiring a home can take anywhere from 3 to 10 days depending on the electrical requirements and again, the size of the project. You may want to consider finding a place to stay during the rewiring since you may be without power.

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